ACT as if what you do
makes a difference,

because it does!

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You will receive an annual score card
to measure your progress toward
your goals.

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This is our agreement of what steps we will take together to work toward your goals.

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Are you able to
make the financial commitments that
are necessary?


We work with you
to clarify industry

"jargon" and speak in

a clear concise manner.

We get on the same
page regarding goals
and services. We agree
on a Plan of Action to ensure success.


Based on our Engagement Letter and Plan of Action we take a proactive role to meet your expectations.


This is about more
than just the amount

of money you desire.

Our process works

to empower you to truly

see what your wealth

can do for you and those around you.



You have a successful growing career and are working hard for
your family.

Your time matters.

You want to ensure you are there for your family. Quality time with them is very important

You want to be empowered to define your financial destiny.

You do not want

a cookie cutter financial plan
or investment plan.

You are not just
a number to a big company.


Your future matters.


You've worked hard, saved well and made sacrifices along the way to ensure a dignified retirement.


Your time matters.

You are looking for

a long term financial relationship with someone who will listen to you. Someone who has the experience to help you make
a difference.


You are looking for consistent investment income and want

to understand your options to collect

on all government pensions available

to you.


You are not just
a number to a big company.


Your story matters.


You’ve earned notable financial status and deserve someone who is going to listen to you and your wishes.


Your time matters.

Though you realize you may need some guidance, you know exactly what

you want.

There are lessons you want to pass down to the rest of your family and you expect to be treated with dignity and grace.

Your family
and your past
is very important.

You are not just
a number to a big company.


Your history matters.